Philippine Online Banking Experience: BPI needs a facelift


I’ve been banking with BPI since 2001, and i got enrolled online around 2003. Back then it was the biggest thing: online payments, online prepaid loading, online fund transfers. But it’s 2018 now, and the website still looks the same. With all the conveniences of 2003.

1.massive slowdown during paydays. you cant login, you cant pay anything, etc..

2.and if i were to guess it, sinasadya ng IT dept nila to shutdown servers to avoid catastrophic failures during paydays. this is a better option than to have to deal with live database failures that could affect manual banking. cant blame the IT team for that. flawlessly during off-peak dates.

4.manual submission of documents to be able to access online services. literally, you need to go to the bank and submit a signed document so you can transfer to another BPI account. once lang naman daw. this was how i did it in 2003. 15 years na nakalipas, ganun parin?

5.bad layout both on smartphones and desktop. again, 2018 na. lapit na malaos ang responsive design.


BPI Expresslink:

The Expresslink feature is for companies and employers. This service aims to make admin and accounting tasks of companies easier. But again, pang 2003 ang experience.

1.massive slowdown, everyday.

2.features only work on smartphone and insists on Internet Explorer 6 for desktop browsing.

3.Internet Explorer 6 or nothing. Doesnt work on Chrome, Safari, Opera and any other browser out there. not even on Microsoft Edge. Kasalanan nating mga user na iba ang browsers natin, kasalanan natin na nag move on na tayo to the future. BPI friends, yung IE6, technically sinusuka na ng Microsoft yan.

4.Very bad user interface and experience. This is what you get when you have designers na walang experience on use cases. Ganito yun. to pay for bills, you start at the Main Menu > Bill Payments > Choose the bill to pay > Approve Payment > Done. That’s 5 layers deep, 5 clicks at around 5-10 seconds waiting per click. 25 seconds to complete a payment. Great. Now do that again for every bill you have to pay. Yes, go back to main menu. click all 5 layers again. for every bill. We have to pay around 20 bills every month. So ill do this 20 times, and it is guaranteed that on paydays, it will shutdown. then do it again tomorrow. ON your smartphone, and only on IE6. and there are 3 approvers for every bill. so 3 persons each paying 20 bills at 5 layers deep at 5-10 seconds response. This bad user experience, builds up every time we have to use the thing again. for every use, palutong na palutong na mura ang nakukukuha nyo from us. nasaan na yung convenience nyan? it is faster to go to 711 and pay all your bills there.

5.bad layout both on smartphones and desktop. ipaseminar nyo ng design thinking ang team nyo.

BPI, UI facelift lang yan

You’re one of the PH’s biggest banks. and one of the oldest. splurge lang ng konti on the online experience. hindi naman mawawala ang databases ninyo. UI lang maiiba. talk to DBS. Ako lumipat na to security bank. mas madali doon. go back on top like it’s 2003. and grab the Gcash experience.

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